Company News
New Line Cinema engages Episodiq Studios to produce consumer-targeted show.
Episodiq Studios will be producing a show in conjunction with New Line Cinema which will be an entertaining weekly magazine featuring news, production information and other nuggets of entertainment. The show will be distributed digitally and available to their customers free of charge.
Episodiq Studios and Fresh Ice Productions agree to agree
Episodiq Studios and Fresh Ice Productions have agreed on a co-production deal and will launch the Rudecast channel. First up is Fresh Ice hit man Brian Dykstra who will launch a show with his unique blend of wit, anger, humor and vitriol.
Uplift Academy to launch Uplift TV on Episodiq Networks
Episodiq Studios and Tom Munnecke's Uplift Academy have agreed to co-produce Uplift TV which will feature shows hosted by notable Uplift Academy personalities who are doing remarkable things to change the world.