About Episodiq Studios

Branded Content for Companies

Video is an amazingly effective communication tool for companies and brands both internally and for customers.

Our "Mass Customized" approach to video production generates a large volume of low-cost, high-quality programming, tailored for your company and its constituents.

We support external marketing efforts with major media and consumer-related companies. We provide custom educational and internal communications programming for major companies across a spectrum of industries.

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StoryVine Entertainment (Original Shows)


StoryVine Entertainment is Episodiq's original content network and is committed to creating compelling short-form programming spanning a variety of genres and interests. If you are passionate about something, have something to say and would like to develop a show, please contact us.

About Episodiq Studios

Kyle, River Test
Episodiq Studios was founded in September, 2006 by Kyle Shannon who's been producing shows or companies for about two decades now.

Kyle's previous notable entrepreneurial efforts include art and culture magazine Urban Desires, Web Development Non-Profit, WWWAC and Internet marketing firm AGENCY.COM, all launched in late 1994, early 1995.

He is an addicted fly fisherman, has a BFA in performance from Penn State University, a number of original plays & screenplays to his credit and a patented, educational fly fishing system.
StoryVine Entertainment launches first show in new channel.
Kicking off StoryVine Entertainment's Rudecast channel is be Brian Dykstra's biting commentary show, "Counter Intelligence." Put on your thinking caps!
New Line Cinema engages Episodiq Studios to produce consumer-targeted show.
Episodiq Studios will be producing a show in conjunction with New Line Cinema which will be an entertaining weekly magazine featuring news, production information and other nuggets of entertainment. The show will be distributed digitally and available to their customers free of charge.
Episodiq Studios and Fresh Ice Productions agree to agree
Episodiq Studios and Fresh Ice Productions have agreed on a co-production deal and will launch the Rudecast channel. First up is Fresh Ice hit man Brian Dykstra who will launch a show with his unique blend of wit, anger, humor and vitriol.
Uplift Academy to launch Uplift TV on Episodiq Networks
Episodiq Studios and Tom Munnecke's Uplift Academy have agreed to co-produce Uplift TV which will feature shows hosted by notable Uplift Academy personalities who are doing remarkable things to change the world.
Andrew Watts completes 50,000 word novel in 30 days!
It was a long 30 days captured at XdaysProject.com. In the end, Andrew made friends, gained fans and may even land an agent out of the deal. Rock on!

ep •  i •  sod • iq – [ep-uh-sod-ik]
1. short—3-5 minute—video show delivered digitally, in episodes over a span of time; did you see that great episodiq on juggling technique?

2. serialized program in a collection of "mass customized" shows sharing a similar format, across a plethora of subject matter.

3. company founded in 2006 that produces branded video content for companies and original programming under the StoryVine™ Entertainment brand.
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